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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kieran's favorite story to listen to while brushing his teeth

One morning, Thomas was asleep in his bed. "*snore* choooooo choooooo choooooo. *snore* choooooo choooooo choooooo. *snore* choooooo choooooo choooooo." It was time for him to go to schooooool, but he kept sleeping. " *snore* choooooo choooooo choooooo."

His friend Gordon came walking up to his house so they could go to schooooool together. He rang the doorbell, but nobody answered. He looked in the window, but he didn't see anything, so he went inside. Gordon climbed up the stairs to Thomas's room. He opened the door and looked inside. He saw Thomas asleep, and all of a sudden felt a wave of tiredness. So he lay down on the floor, and soon he fell asleep. And he snored. "*snore* choo choo choo choo choo. *snore* choo choo choo choo choo. *snore* choo choo choo choo choo."

The noise soon woke Thomas up. He looked around and saw Gordon. "Gordon, wake up you lazy bones! It's time to go to school!" Gordon sat up and said, "I'm sorry Thomas, I just felt so tired I fell asleep." Thomas quickly got ready for school, and the friends left to go to school together.



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