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Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kieran!

Today is Kieran's birthday. He is very pleased to be three. Ketan and I felt the day was a bust for him because we were preoccupied with Uma, who has a nasty stomach bug, but Kieran has such a cheerful disposition and so few preconceptions about birthdays that it did not appear to bother him.

Here are some observations about Kieran at age three:

He likes the cold.  He doesn't use covers when he sleeps, and whenever he is awake, prefers shorts and a T-shirt.  He'd go outside like that if we let him.

He continues to take delight in small things.

He likes trucks and trains like most little boys; Thomas is getting his hooks into him deep.

He loves to be right. "I told you!" he will say with delight.

He likes an audience. Some days it feels like everything he says begins with "Look at this…" or "See?"

He says "lellow" for "yellow," but can he can say "yes."

He is quite good on the potty and in underwear, which he wears both days and nights. It has been a long time since he had an accident, even overnight.

His favorite name in the whole world is "Jack."  Ask him what anyone or anything is named, and he will say "Jack." On the rare occasions it's not "Jack," it's "Bonjoonie."

Kieran is a singer, not a dancer. While he loves to sing and will tolerate it when Uma sings, he asks Ketan or me to stop if one of us starts singing.

He loves to spin in circles. If he ever joins a gym, spinning class will be a great disappointment to him.

He sits stoically through music class and rarely participates, but afterward he claims to love it.

Kieran is generally not a fan of exciting physical play.  He doesn't like to get thrown in the air or held upside-down.  He likes getting swung around briefly, but he tires of it quickly.

He often wants to know, "Is it a school day?  Is it a work day?"  He likes it when the answers are "No."

He is quite insistent that he never wants to go to school. He just wants to stay home with Mommy.

Kieran can say his Rs.  He's qualified to be a pirate.

Most importantly, he continues to be an excellent little brother to a wonderful big sister.



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