He said if Uma gets one, he gets one too.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reach out and touch

Kieran is figuring out that those are his hands. He's starting to grab at things, but mostly he just likes putting up his dukes. He holds one fist out and the other closer to his chest, though sometimes they're both out. I've got a picture you'll see soon.

He continues to be nice to us, sleeping almost all nights from around 11:30pm until 9am the next morning. He's also pretty mellow, even when he's tired. It takes almost nothing to make him smile, and a few seconds of knee-bouncing will usually win me a squawking laugh.

Another thing that often gets a laugh is the play gym. The boy loves his play gym, even without the music and flashing lights on. Ceiling fans, too, but the slowest speed is still too fast*, so it's only when I spin it by hand.

What else is going on with him? He's so far survived the not-so-tender affections of his big sister. Some of her "enthusiasms" make me cringe, but sometimes he likes them, like getting smacked on the cheeks. I guess he should get used to it; he's stuck with her.

I'm pretty sure he's taller. I haven't measured. He'd grown a negligible amount over his first 2 months, but I think he's added a couple of inches since then. He's still got some chubby chubby legs, and of course one chin just isn't enough.

Oh yeah. He hit 3 months last week. I remember with Uma I commemorated every minor milestone on the calendar. Second children get neglected. Kid ought to be greatful he even has a blog. Yeah.

* There should be an "baby fun" speed on all ceiling fans



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