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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cast Off!

Kieran got his cast off this afternoon. His x-rays looked good, and it appears that he won't lose his nails. However, after having his hand immobilized for three weeks, his finger joints are very sore when he moves them, so he's in a really foul mood. His hand also stinks. It has a kind of pungent cheese gone bad smell. We wiped his hand off with baby wipes, but we haven't been able to wash it because he doesn't want anyone to touch it. The nurse said it may take a few days before his joints are feeling better; maybe then he will be happy about getting his hand back.

Also: upon second examination, the orthopedist said Kieran's middle finger tip had probably also been broken. The cast he had immobilized pretty much everything from his wrist down, so it doesn't make much difference.



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