He said if Uma gets one, he gets one too.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quadrennial review

4 years ago, Kieran came into this world.

He loves playing with Little People. They go to school a lot. Many a morning will find him upstairs playing happily by himself while we get ourselves ready for the day. He's even happier to play with Uma of course. Their relationship continues to be a strong, loving one.

He'll often sing to himself, especially when washing his hands.

In the fall, he will start pre-school. We're a little nervous because he is still very attached, but he claims to be ready.

Kieran is still a very good-natured boy. Sometimes it can seem like he's too good-natured, as he'll often brush off parental guidance. Tiger Dad also worries about motivating him academically when he's older.

As boys go, I'd say Kieran is on the gentler, quieter end of the spectrum.

Now that Leo is more interactive and interesting, Kieran is more interested in him. It's still a flighty sort of interest, but it's positive.

He still asks "Why?" a lot. We don't think he's actually interested in why, it's just that he wants to have a conversation and has limited ways to get one. He's happy to listen to you ramble on about topics far removed from what he asked, as the question was just a way to get you started.

In a somewhat related way, he's not a fan of picking up his stuff on his own, but he loves helping. There are also a few exceptions to the chores; he's a big fan of doing laundry, for instance.

His hair still gets all tangled in the back. He must thrash his head something fierce when he sleeps.

Kieran's probably not looking forward to spring, as spring around here generally means thunderstorms. I've spent many a night in his bed with him while storms boomed in the night. If he's alone, he's terrified, but he's almost relaxed when I'm there with him.



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